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Panoramic Imaging

In addition to taking small, individual diagnostic images of specific teeth or sections of teeth as needed, we will also take a single, larger scale two-dimensional digital image to obtain a more comprehensive diagnostic assessment.

A comprehensive view of the teeth, jaws, and surrounding anatomy

Panoramic imaging provides a two-dimensional view of all the teeth, the upper and lower jawbones, the nasal sinuses, and the temporomandibular joints (the TMJ). This extra-oral image, also known as a Panoramic X-ray, gets taken from outside the mouth. The only requirement is the patient stand still for a brief period while resting their jaw on a platform as the imaging system rotates in a semicircle around the head.

As a valuable diagnostic tool, panoramic imaging checks for conditions such as periodontal disease, anatomic aberrations, growths in the jaw, the dental development of unerupted and erupted teeth, impacted teeth, TMJ disorders, and sinusitis.

A simple, fast, comfortable, and safe diagnostic procedure

Panoramic imaging is a simple, comfortable, and fast diagnostic procedure with minimal x-ray exposure to the patient. Instantly viewable by the dentist, the image can also get shown to the patient and sent to other specialists as indicated.

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